Nick’s Track-Record
as a Consultant & Presenter

September 2018 to Autumn 2019, and on-going

Nick is helping to nurture all-round well-being
within the whole community that is
Rugby School
(founded 1567)

“I’m delighted to be working in close partnership
with the world-famous Rugby School,
the pre-eminent boarding school for Girls & Boys age 13 to 18,
as together we explore how best to enable
the All-round Well-being of the whole school community.”

One dimension of this collaboration was my spending a full week at the School,
7am to 10pm, in September 2018, to help me appreciate the dynamics of
everyday life for Rugby’s Staff & Students.



At The House of Lords and overlooking The Thames
on the 12th September 2019,
Trailblazers Mentoring celebrated 21 years of charitable service.

Way back in 1998, I was fortunate to raise £150,000
enabling me to found this charity.
It provides civilian Mentors for the young men & women who
are in the final 6 months of their sentences in English prisons,
and it helps them make a success of life outside.

The House of Lords’ celebration was wonderfully hosted by
Trailblazers’ redoubtable Patron during all of those 21 years,
General The Lord David Ramsbotham,
who once served as Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons.

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Trail-Blazers’ new CEO and eminent Trustees have taken the
organisation from strength to strength, and the evening had gathered
250 leaders from throughout the charitable community.
The Reverend Jonathan Aitken, a former convict himself
and now chaplain of Pentonville Prison,
spoke to the room about the power of mentorship.

Trailblazer’s CEO, Mr John Shepherd, explained that
80% or more of the Mentees do not return to custody,
which is three time better than the usual re-offending rate.
Though it costs £60,000 to keep a young person in prison,
Trailblazers costs £2,250 per Mentee,
and that sum comes entirely from donations, not The Government.

I’m glad to work with field-leading Organisations who wish to invest so considerately in the All-round Well-being of their People.

Autumn 2019, I was invited back to The Island of Guernsey
by the same Head Teacher who had hosted me in 2017.
I gave two hour-long presentations for the Teachers at
the excellent Elizabeth College (incorporating both a
Senior, Junior and Infant School).

Autumn 2018: Nick was invited to Saatchi & Saatchi’s world HQ in London; plus a second time to Prudential; and a third time to SAP’s global HQ in Germany.

2017, Nick continues in his third year as the Consultant Well-being Therapist to the Health & Welfare Team at Queens’ College Cambridge University, (the University’s 2nd largest College, founded 1448). As well as working one to one with Queens’ Undergraduates and Postgrads, Nick also gives presentations to Students on ‘thriving in the face of exams’, at both Queens’ and Trinity College.

ITV and Blue 449, two international media leaders, (summer 2017) invite Nick to share the skills of well-being with their teams, in one hour presentations.

For The King’s Fund, (the leading English charity helping shape Health & Social Policy), in July 2016, Nick presented to Senior National Health Service teams via a 90 minute ‘live-lecture/video-broadcast’ across the UK.

For the Education & Health Services on the Isles of Guernsey (for Teachers, Parents and Health Professionals (March 2017) two days of presentations, workshops, and island-radio interviews.

2019, Nick continues in his 14th year as Consultant Psychologist & Performance Coach to the Patients of Aviation Medica at Stansted Airport, the leading medical centre evaluating, treating and certificating International Airline Captains & First Officers, who face stress on a daily basis in their high-profile, high-tech industry.

2018, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nick gives several Workshops & Keynotes for the St Paul’s School International Head-Teachers Conference.

Yahoo (now part of Oath) in Munich, London and Dublin, summer 2017, invite Nick to give one hour presentations at their HQs in each country, to share some strategies for ‘personal versatility’ in the face of inevitable corporate change.

For in New York City (February 2017) half a day presenting to the Directors on ‘How innovative Research Methods and cutting-edge Well-being themes can provide insights for healthcare providers in the U.S.A.’

In Singapore, for Fieldwork Education (March 2017) three keynote addresses and workshops at an international educational conference for Senior Teachers.

For the Tutorial Staff of Trinity College, Cambridge University (December 2016) 3-hours of training in the strategies which promote all-round well-being in high-pressure academic environments.

In return for their generous donation to the National Society for Preventing Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Nick wrote 15 monthly ‘Mental Wealth’ pages in ‘PR Weekly’, the leading journal for the UK’s Public Relations Industry (2014 to 15)
Winter 2015: Nick gave the keynote 90 minute speech to Babcock International hosting ‘Leaders in Education’, at Epsom Race-Course.

For the HMC Deputy-Head Teachers Annual Conference (November 2016) a Keynote presentation of 75 minutes on ‘How to nurture All-Round Well-being throughout the whole school community: students, staff, and parents’.
Autumn 2015: Nick was commissioned to give a 90 minute Well-Being presentation to the CEO and Staff of the field-leading NHS Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.


  • Summer 2013, commissioned by ‘Impact International’, the leading management consultancy for Training & Development, to give a Keynote presentation and a 90 minute workshop on ‘HotIron-KnowHow’, at their world HQ’s first ever LearnFest for 120 of their client companies who aim to attract & develop ‘top talent’.
    Guests included Google, Sony, Reuters, The United Nations, P & G.
    ‘Impact’ is ranked No.1 in the UK by The Great Places to Work Institute, 2013, and has been a Sunday Times top 100 employer. Back in 2011, at Impact’s annual conference with their clients, Nick delivered a 60-minute keynote and 90-minute workshop, and was subsequently invited to give an additional 40-minute phone seminar, all on the subject of "how to help a life go well."
  • 'Essential Skills for Surviving & Thriving in Business’, was Nick's 90 minute presentation in October 2012 to the Directors of ‘Boxwood’, who won The Sunday Times top 100 ‘best small companies to work for’ award, 2012; and won The Management Consultancies Association award for Change Management in the Private Sector, 2012.
  • Keynote-speaker & workshop-host to the 400 Human Resources Directors at HR Norway’s annual 3 day conference near Oslo, November 2010.
  • Performance-Coach & Well-being Therapist for international Airline Captains referred from Stansted Airport.
  • 75-minute 'masterclasses' for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development at their annual and London conferences for the past 4 years.
  • Training presentations, Keynotes and After-Dinner Speeches for the likes of Diageo Sales-teams, Proctor & Gamble, Mundipharma, the BBC, and BUPA's top clients


  • 2012-2013: Consultancy to Mr Kevin McKellar, the former Headteacher of Hendon School, a highly inclusive State Comprehensive for over 1,250 students age 11-18 in Greater London. This school was under Special Measures’ (i.e. at risk of closure); then Kevin was brought in to take the helm, and just 6 years later the school consistently won an across-the-board ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted inspectors. Only 4% of schools achieved this level. (Read Kevin’s personal testimonial for Nick on the page below.)
  • 60 minute Keynote Speech for ‘The Society of Heads’ Annual Conference (for Headteachers of leading schools), March 2013. Nick introduced HotIron-KnowHow: how to thrive under high pressure. The two other keynote speakers were: the Eton College Headmaster of the past ten years; and the Deputy-Head of Human Resources for Unilever UK.
  • UK's first Lecturer in Positive Psychology and The Science of Well-Being, at Cambridge University (2001-2008): also invited to co-organise the first ever 3-day Royal Society conference on The Science of Well-being; co-edited the resulting Royal Society and Oxford University Press textbook.
  • June 2012, gave a 75 minute opening-presentation at the HMC Deputy Headteachers’ annual conference.
  • 4-day tour of Northern Ireland for the Health Education Authority, to present to healthcare professionals (Invited back 3 years running).
  • main-speaker and workshop-leader at 3-day conference for 250 Deputy-Heads of Independent Schools of South Africa, Cape Town, October 2010.
  • Founder of Trailblazers, a therapeutic career-mentorship programme for teenagers in a high-security prison that Nick created in HMYOI Feltham in 1998, with General Lord David Ramsbotham as its Patron, and which 14 years on thrives at HMYOI Aylesbury.


  • 100 weekly columns for The Times as 'Dr FeelGood The Science of Happiness', 2003-2005; syndicated for two years by The Australian newspaper.
  • The lifestyle columnist, 'Dr Know', for The Financial Times Saturday Magazine (2002).
  • Guest expert appearances on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme and the Libby Purvis MidWeek show; BBC television news and the BBC World Service.
  • Year as a monthly columnist for Psychologies magazine (2006)
  • Founder-director a charitable project in which I interviewed 100 highly accomplished individuals (such as BBC’s Head of News, Kate Adie, Martha Lane Fox, Nick Hornby, Bill Bryson, Gary Lineker and SAS General Sir Peter de La Billiere.)

Nick’s previous books

The Rough Guide to Happiness (Penguin Books, 2008)

The Science of Well-being (Oxford University Press, 2006)

Learning from Wonderful Lives (Cambridge Well-being Books, 2005)

The Science of Well-being (The Royal Society, 2004)

Kind words about Nick's writing

Lieutenant Colonel Maria Holliday, QGM, of the British Army’s Royal Military Police, has served in many theatres of war. (The Queen’s Gallantry Medal is awarded for ‘exemplary acts of bravery’). Of Nick’s Training Day, she says: “It’s fascinating, fun and encourages you to think, re-assess and redress the balance; it all makes perfect sense. To understand your own needs is the first step in understanding the needs of others - knowing what makes us tick, but also recognising what makes us tick better. As a leader, this is a fundamental requirement... especially when the chips are down!”

Mr Kevin McKellar was Headteacher of Hendon School, the highly inclusive London State Comprehensive that consistently won an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas in its latest Ofsted inspection. Of Nick’s consultancy to the school’s leadership team in 2013, Kevin wrote:
“Nick has really helped us develop the essentials for staff & student well-being. I urge every school to consider working with Nick’s HotIron-KnowHow e-books & audio-books. Their practical suggestions are proving to be invaluable here at Hendon. At a time when we are all dealing with such change and stress in education, Nick has given us powerful strategies to help us not only cope but positively thrive.”

50 years a Stanford University Professor, Philip Zimbardo was the 2002 elected President of the American Psychological Association with its 150,000 members. ‘Zim’ became the most respected voice on national television and radio in the USA: "Rarely have I experienced a better blend of wit, wisdom and compassion presented in an engagingly refreshing writing style. I am sure you will enjoy it and benefit fully from its 'spot-on' relevance to contemporary life."

My Tradecraft Training and Professional Affiliations in brief

  • Master of Arts in Creative Writing (University of East Anglia)
  • Graduate of the National Film & Television School screen-writing summer course
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Criminology (Open University)
  • MPhil in Criminology (Jesus College, Cambridge University)
  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Jesus College, Cambridge University)
  • Practitioner's Diploma in Brief Therapy (Human Givens & European Therapy Studies Institute)
  • Graduate Diploma in Clinical & Applied Hypnosis (University College London)
  • Advanced Clinical Training in EMDR, Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Chartered by the British Psychological Society
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
  • Senior Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine

Other Information

Weekly columnist for The Times

As 'Dr FeelGood on The Science of Happiness', I wrote over 100 columns between 2003 and 2005. In the two years following, this led to a monthly page for The Australian newspaper

Scientific Work

Read more about my Scientific Research and the Royal Society's three-day conference

Voluntary Work

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Professional Associations

Chartered Psychologist
of The British Psychological Society
Senior Associate of
The Royal Society of Medicine
Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts,
The Strand, London

Accreditation & Formal Recognition
as a Qualified Psychotherapist in the United Kingdom

Nick is a Psychotherapist fully qualified & licensed by an Institute
accredited in the United Kingdom by the
Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (PSA).
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