Below, is an Archive illustrating where my work with Schools began;
but please click here for Nick’s Track Record, to see my recent engagements.

Nick is glad to present

The Skills of Radiant Well-being

at your Senior, Junior or Infant School,
within the State or Independent sector,
anywhere in the world.

These are the skills to help an individual thrive under high pressure.
Nick shares proven, practical strategies to nurture
the vibrant well-being of your whole school community.

Nick’s Conference Keynotes & Consultancy

Nick’s themes and presentation style

  • In March 2013, Nick was privileged to give a 60 minute address on HotIron-KnowHow to the Society of Heads annual conference. (Eton College Headmaster, Mr Tony Little, was a fellow speaker.)
  • In June 2012, Nick was delighted to give the opening 75 minute keynote to the HMC Deputy-Heads annual conference. In the past 2 years, he has also addressed the Woodard School Heads, BSA House Mistresses & Masters, and BSA School Nurses & Matrons.
  • Dr Anthony Seldon invited Nick to help introduce Well-being initiatives at Wellington College in 2006, promoting a ‘happier school community’ whose top exam grades have increased by 24% in the six years since then.
Nick’s audience-engaging presentations encourage a first-hand exploration of what everyday principles, strategies, skills and experiences can create profoundly rewarding lives. There is clear, step by step guidance on creatively channeling your most powerful emotions, overcoming fears, dealing with setbacks, preventing depression and hyper-anxiety, building friendships, coping with challenging times, and enjoying public performances. Nick conveys these highly practical suggestions with gentle humour and vivid illustrations from the Sciences, Arts & Crafts, all supported by the inspiring example of much-admired individuals. These simple but transforming principles work just as well for busy teachers and parents, as for bustling students.
Autumn 2015, Nick has given various major presentations of 90 minutes or more, at Bradfield College, Lord Wandsworth College, The Maynard School Exeter, Harrow School, The Royal Hospital School Ipswich, and St Paul’s Girls’ School London.

Please do contact Nick to discuss

your school’s particular needs:
anything from a 90-minute address,
to an overnight visit for a whole range of

presentations and workshops.
Nick can provide you with a price-quote

and available dates, within 24 hours.

Read the testimonial from the very fondly
remembered Mr Kevin McKellar,
the late & great Headteacher
of Hendon School,

the highly inclusive 1,250 pupil London State Comprehensive
that consistently won an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas
in its Ofsted inspections for 2012, 2013 and 2014,
having faced ‘Special Measures’ just 6 years before.

Of Nick’s consultancy to Hendon School’s leadership team, its Headteacher of seven years, Mr Kevin Mckellar, wrote in 2013:

“Nick has really helped us develop the essentials for staff & student well-being. I urge every school to consider working with Nick’s HotIron-KnowHow e-books & audio-books. Their practical suggestions are proving to be invaluable here at Hendon.

At a time when we are all dealing with such change and stress in education, Nick has given us powerful strategies to help us not only cope but positively thrive. These fundamental strategies have the potential to engage our most disaffected students who struggle with the day to day demands of life, while the principles also inspire and develop our most able students.

Nick’s vision for promoting well-being in school is not only inspirational but entirely necessary for students and teachers to deal with 21st century educational issues.

I whole-heartedly recommend other schools consider working with Nick. Please do get in touch if you wish me to further explain my thinking on this initiative.”

Nick’s Half-Day Inset; and Presentations to Students

Nick will tailor-make his visit to suit your needs

While visiting, Nick can discuss particular issues round-table with your SMT and Pastoral Specialists. Here follows a small sample of Nick’s track-record for such work:
  • Half-day INSET at Downe House, Norwich School, Whitgift (Croydon), St. Mary’s Ascot, Oundle, Portsmouth Grammar, St. Albans High, Eastbourne College.
  • Presentation to Students at Harrow (5 years running), Mill Hill, Whitgift (in Croydon, 5 years running), Channing, Benenden, Berkhampsted, Greshham’s, Queenswood, Heathfield St. Mary’s, Merchant Taylors, Christ’s Hospital School
  • Prep Schools insets & student presentations at Millfield, St. Anthony’s, Cranmore, Crossfields, Newland House, Newton Prep, Shrewsbury House, Hurstpierpoint Prep, HeathMount, The Dolphin School, The Merlin, Dulwich Prep London.
  • Presentations tailored for staff, then students, and then their parents. For example, at Sherborne Girls' School and also at Stamford School (autumn 2012), Nick spoke to entire 6th Form year groups, and then to hundreds of Parents to encourage their appreciation and support of the school’s well-being initiatives.
  • A prize-giving speech to the whole school community: parents, staff & pupils, as Nick provided for Dulwich Prep London, for Headmaster Mr Michael Roulston OBE (June 2012); having presented a half-day inset to staff there, just a year before.
  • A conference overseas: in autumn 2010, Nick was honoured to be the keynote-speaker and workshops-leader at the annual three-day conference for the 250 Deputy-Heads of The Independent Schools of South Africa. The whole event was considered a resounding success by the conference hosts.