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how to thrive under high pressure

by striking skillfully while the iron's hot


HotIronKnowHow is the set of skills that enables you
not only to cope well with life’s high-pressure situations,
but to actively create them
so as to use their powerful energy to swiftly transform your abilities.


The following piece of history clearly demonstrates
those ‘hot-iron skills’ in action.

In 1969, during the Vietnam War,
an elite training institute called ‘TopGun’,
put some experienced American fighter-pilots
through a revolutionary two-week course.

It wasn’t ‘what’ was learned that was so special.
It was ‘how’ it was learned.
How the learning situation was ingeniously designed
to combine high pressure with exactly the right skills to handle it.

And it turned out, that the approach to training
of those two intensive weeks
proved so fast and effective… so transforming…
that when the TopGun graduates returned to combat on the frontline,
they won on average SIX TIMES more ‘dogfights’.
Their life… or death… depended on doing so.

That’s quite a feat: helping a group of already highly experienced individuals
to improve their physical, emotional and problem-solving performances
by a factor of six… in something as daunting and demanding as aerial combat.

It’s all the more astonishing that those tremendous gains
took just two weeks to achieve.
How exactly were those pilots practising to make such vital progress?

That TopGun training formula is just one of a handful of
landmark break-throughs in psychology’s understanding of how
any individual can, by using the right methods,
rapidly transform their abilities of mind & body.

Yet, those invaluable lessons are far from common knowledge,
and too rarely applied in key arenas of life
such as the acquisition of new skills, the healing of mind & body,
and the deepening of personal relationships.
Surely such powerful learning principles could be used for everything
from exam preparation and public performances, to playing sport,
doing business, and nurturing love.

Which is why HotIronKnowHow
gathers together this wisdom from real-life,
distils the science, art & craft of such impressive improvements
in high-stake situations,
and guides you, step-by-step, in applying those very same principles
to whatever… and whomever… is most important to you.


Life is what happens to you.
Living is what you do about it.

HotIronKnowHow presents some highly respected methods
for deeply rewarding progress.

These practical approaches can prove helpful
whether you’re 16 years old or 70.
You can work through on your own,
or in partnership with a mentor, teacher, parent, partner,
best-mate, boyfriend or girlfriend.

HotIronKnowHow is presently a set of 4 Guidebooks
designed to be of help to every individual…
as well as to be licensed by organisations in
Education, Healthcare and Business, anywhere in the world.

Once licensed, you can distribute the books throughout your workplace
or your whole school community,
for the well-being of staff, students, and their families.


These step-by-step Guides are all
researched & written by the same team

1st Author © Nick Baylis Lead Editor Erin Love 2nd Author Richard Sullivan

Ms Erin Love (BSc Hons, University of Victoria, in Canada) and Dr Nick Baylis (Jesus College, Cantab) C.Psychol, FRSA

1st Author © Nick Baylis

Nick gained his Cambridge University PhD in the psychology of successful life-development. He then lectured at Cambridge University for 8 years on mind-body well-being, co-organised the first ever Royal Society conference on the subject, and wrote 100 weekly columns for The Times newspaper on The Science of Happiness.
While volunteering in London’s high-security jail for Young Offenders, Nick became the founder-director of the now thriving charity ‘Trailblazers’ that mentors teenagers in prison. He has also interviewed hundreds of Britain’s brightest stars in many arenas of professional life, so as to learn first-hand what helped them flourish. Nick is glad to work with individuals as a well-being therapist & coach, and he travels internationally presenting ‘HotIronKnowHow & The Skills of Well-being’ to leading organisations in Education, Healthcare and Business.

Nick’s previous books

The Rough Guide to Happiness (Penguin Books, 2008)
The Science of Well-being (Oxford University Press, 2006)
Learning from Wonderful Lives (Cambridge Well-being Books, 2005)
The Science of Well-being (The Royal Society, 2004)

Lead Editor Erin Love

Erin trained for 18 years in the ballet curriculum of The Royal Academy of Dance, a creative discipline which may well have helped her win the Canadian Premier’s Award for Academic Excellence as a graduate biologist in Vancouver. From there, she came to join a Cambridge University & World Health Organisation initiative, and infused our HotIron guidebooks with her radiant passion for life. Erin has now embarked upon a whole new journey, training as a Medical Doctor at the University of British Columbia.

King’s College London University Medical Health Professor, Richard Sullivan, MD, PhD.

2nd Author Richard Sullivan

Richard is Professor of Global Health & Cancer Policy, at King’s College, London University. He is particularly interested in strategies that prevent illness.
Richard trained as a surgeon and for 10 years was Clinical Director for Cancer Research UK (Europe’s largest cancer research charity); and is now a world-leading commentator on how to deliver affordable healthcare in developed and developing regions, and regions recovering from war.
Alongside his medical career, Richard served for 18 years as a reservist in the British Army Intelligence Corps,
and with other Specialist Units.
He loves spending time with his daughter, and jumping from planes at 35,000 feet with other sky-diving enthusiasts.

Kind words about Nick’s writing

Lieutenant Colonel Maria Holliday, QGM, of the British Army’s Royal Military Police, has served in many theatres of war. (The Queen’s Gallantry Medal is awarded for ‘exemplary acts of bravery’.)
“It’s fascinating, fun and encourages you to think, re-assess and redress the balance; it all makes perfect sense. To understand your own needs is the first step in understanding the needs of others - knowing what makes us tick, but also recognising what makes us tick better. As a leader, this is a fundamental requirement... especially when the chips are down!”


Mr Kevin McKellar, Headteacher of Hendon School, the highly inclusive London State Comprehensive that won an ‘Outstanding’ rating in its latest Ofsted inspection. Only 4% of schools achieved this.
“Nick has really helped us develop the essentials for staff & student well-being. I urge every school to consider working with Nick’s HotIronKnowHow e-books & audio-books. Their practical suggestions are proving to be invaluable here at Hendon. At a time when we are all dealing with such change and stress in education, Nick has given us powerful strategies to help us not only cope but positively thrive.”


50 years a Stanford University Professor, Philip Zimbardo was the elected President of the American Psychological Association in 2002, with its 150,000 members. ‘Zim’ became the most respected expert voice on national television and radio in the USA:
"Rarely have I experienced a better blend of wit, wisdom and compassion presented in an engagingly refreshing writing style. I am sure you will enjoy it and benefit fully from its 'spot-on' relevance to contemporary life."


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