In my work as a therapist, lecturer, researcher and writer,
I try to champion what I call
Radiant Well-Being
characterised by creative action that is good-natured & full-bodied
lion-hearted & life-embracing.

If Well-Being is the capacity to thrive (not merely survive)
no matter what life throws at you;
then Radiant Well-Being is to possess that capacity
in such strength that the energy ripples outwards,
like Beauty … to help the surrounding world.

Far from my being a good example of this,
I’m simply a bedraggled messenger, a sort of Postman,
bagging-up the most promising ideas & evidence,
so that individuals and partnerships, schools and businesses,
can try things out for themselves.

During my 8 years lecturing this classical subject at Cambridge University...

I wrote The Rough Guide to Happiness, for Penguin Books,
and 100 weekly columns as ‘Dr FeelGood’ for The Times newspaper.

The Royal Society invited me to co-host their first-ever
Conference on The Science of Well-being
that included contributions from two Nobel Laureates :
Daniel Kahneman and Harry Kroto.

I was fortunate to raise £150,000 so I could create the charity
that befriends and guides young men and women in their teens and early twenties
who are serving time in English prisons.
Trailblazers goes from strength to strength, 21 years on.

And I was privileged to interview-at-length 100 of the world’s leading practitioners
in many walks of life, including Kate Adie and Gary Lineker, Bill Bryson and Nick Hornby,
The Commander of The SAS Regiments, and Martha Lane Fox.
This was my YoungLives project, in which I asked:
“How do you make progress in life, and how do you enjoy the journey?”

My reading of this six-hour audio-book
shares everything I believe is fabulous
in the broad field of ‘Life-Skills Development’
yet these techniques and principles seem little known.
I’ve tried to bring together all that missing science & lost art,
and present it here in my pocket-companion
which is somewhere between a Rough Guide
and a Personal Repair Kit.


My audio-book can be downloaded from most distributors
though I recommend :
There’s no print version available, and none due.


If you’d like to browse ‘My Sources of Evidence, and Special Notes’
which support… and challenge… every idea presented in Courageous Psychology,
please click here


Click here for Nick presenting
at the global-HQ in Germany, of the software-giant, SAP.
My theme is “How the Study of Well-being can transform Health”.
SAP invited me for a 2nd 90-minute presentation in 2017;
and then for a 3rd visit in spring 2019, to present for half-a-day
on ‘How to build a good rapport with your Sub-Conscious Mind’.

In 2012, these 4 ebooks & audiobooks were co-written with my remarkable friend:
King's College London University Professor of Public Health, Richard Sullivan, MD, PhD;
and were Edited by the wonderful Canadian General Medicine Practitioner, Dr Erin Love, MD.

Contact Nick about licensing these highly practical e- & audio- books for use and distribution
within your business or school, to support your members, their family and friends.

Kind words about Nick's books…

Military Police Lieutenant Colonel Maria Holliday,
who won the Queen’s Gallantry Medal:

It’s fascinating… It all makes perfect sense.
To understand your own needs is the first step
in understanding the needs of others…
especially when the chips are down.

Kevin McKellar, the former Headteacher of Hendon School,
awarded the OFSTED ‘Excellent’ three years running:

I urge every school to consider working with
Nick’s HotIron-KnowHow e-books & audio-books.
Their practical suggestions are proving to be invaluable.

Former President of the American Psychological Association,
and 50 years a Stanford University Professor, Philip Zimbardo:

Rarely have I experienced a better blend of wit, wisdom and compassion
presented in an engagingly refreshing writing style.
I am sure you will enjoy it and benefit fully from its
'spot-on' relevance to contemporary life.

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I was deeply privileged to make a psychological documentary
about the 9 young men at Cambridge University
who fought Oxford University in ‘The Blues Boxing Match’.

This was the 100th anniversary of the fixture,
the score was drawn, and this would be the Century’s decider.
It is the one & only time the Blues Match has ever been filmed.
Please make time for
Personal Journeys

Dr Nick Baylis, PhD (Jesus College, Cambridge University) FRSA
a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts for 14 years.

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